Salad with fresh vegetables    250 g   620ք

Salad with baked beetroot, pumpkin and cream cheese   330 g   800ք

Goat cheese, thistle and pinon crisp salad   147 g   559ք

Crab salad in avocado   290 g   1350ք

Rocket and prawn salad   250 g   1050ք

Salmon filet warm salad   280g   1170ք

Tuna salad with passion fruit cream  350 g   1130ք

Duck and Gorgonzola salad   230 g   880ք

Salad with chicken liver and creamy polenta    360 g   890ք

Meat grill-salad   195 g   960ք



Oysters   1 pc.  590ք

Burrata with sweet tomatoes and pesto sauce   450 g   1200ք

Tomato and avocado bruschetta on grain bread   155 g   550ք   

Dorado ceviche   150g   850ք

Salmon Tartare   230 g   950ք

Tuna Tartare   220 g   1050ք

Octopus Carpaccio   200 g   1200 ք

Smoked salmon a la homemade   120 g   840ք

Anchovy Bruschetta   150 g   500ք

Duck and fois gras terrine with orange and onion confiture   150 g   1450ք

Duck carpaccio   130 g   750ք

Vitello tonnato   190 g   950ք

Beef Tartare  180 g   1100ք

Beef Carpaccio   180 g   850ք

Roast beef on bruschetta   168 g   870ք


Hot appetizers

Eggplants in sweet and sour sauce   200 g   750ք

Scallops with mixed vegetables and mango sauce    177 g   1100ք

Shrimp chili with ginger and guacamole   250 g   1120ք

Saffron and pepper sauce crab phalanges   230 g   1670ք

Berry souse fois gras   110 g   1650ք

Red beans with chorizo, cilantro and Chile pepper   300 g   900ք

Lamb's tongue with pea cream   260 g   600ք


Minestrone   300 g   550ք

Cream of broccoli and spinage soup with crabs   240 g   780ք

Chicken tortellini soup   420 g   450ք

Fisherman's Soup   400 g   990ք

Cacciucco - tomato soup with seafood   400 g   1230ք

Beef soup with porcini mushrooms   390 g   850ք

Pizza and focaccia

Margherita   390 g   700ք

4 seasons   700 g   1300ք

Four cheese    400 g   980ք

With tuna and red onions   630 g   990ք

Gammon and mushrooms   500 g   850ք   

Milano salami   450 g   850ք   

Seafood   570 g   1600ք

Taleggio cheese and porcini mushroom   480 g   900ք

Pear and Gorgonzola cheese   470 g   800ք

Diavola   450 g   850ք

With Parma ham and rocket   480 g   950ք

Focaccia with pesto/ with anchovies/ with rosemary and parmesan   270/300/270 g   350ք



Spaghetti Pomodoro   280 g   650ք

Tagliatelle with mushrooms and herbs   220 g   780ք

Pasta with prawns, spinach and mushrooms   270 g   870ք

Pasta with smoked salmon and cream   300 g   1050ք

 Pasta with seafood  390 g   1350ք

Pasta with tuna and pesto   300 g   890ք

Tagliatelle with veal, mushrooms and cream sauce   360 g   1300ք

Duck ravioli   300 g   1050ք

Rabbit lasagna   340 g   950ք

Tagliatelle with stewed lamb   300 g   970ք



Risotto with porcini mushrooms   330 g   1050ք

Black risotto with seafood   400 g   1300ք

Branzino, asparagus and tuna flakes risotto   270 g   1000ք

Second courses

Branzino baked with vegetables   220 g   1300ք

Dorado simmered with tomatoes and black olives alla casa 700 g   1750ք

Chilean branzino in honey   300 g   3500ք

Salmon steak with lemon crumble and mustard sauce   230 g   2100ք

Crispy crust chicken   300 g   1150ք

Duck magret   250 g   1350ք

Duck in red wine sauce with cabbage and beans   370 g   1680ք

Marble ribs with oysters and pepper cream   270 g   1780ք

Tenderloin medallions (sauce Red wine or Gorgonzola or creamy-mushroom)   170 g   1450ք

Rabbit roll with thistles and porcini mushroom   340 g   1200ք

Simmered veal cheeks with bulghur   250 g   1030ք


Panna cotta with peach  160 g  400ք

Orange jelly   150 g   450ք

Hot chocolate cake with sweet cherries  190 g  650ք

Sugar Profiteroles with Crème Pâtissière      150 g   520ք

Honey dessert   120 g   470ք

Tiramisu Spicy cherry   159 g   550ք 

Carrot cake   120 g    450ք

Napoleon cake   200 g   540ք

Chocolate and banana cake   120 g   450ք

Chocolate roll cake   120 g   540ք

Pavlova   120 g   550ք

Canoli   120 g   450ք

Dried pitted and halved apricot sweet   16 g   80ք

Dried plum sweet   16 g   80ք

Currant sweet   10 g   80ք 

Mango and passionfruit sweet   10 g   80ք

Chocolate ice-cream   60 g   200ք

Vanilla ice-cream   60 g   200ք

Strawberry ice-cream   60 g   200ք

Ricotta ice-cream   60 g   200ք

Raspberry sorbet   60 g   200ք

Pine-apple sorbet   60 g   200ք

Melon sorbet   60 g   200ք

Water-melon sorbet   60 g   200ք

Lemon and lime sorbet   60 g   200ք